What “CRIFM”?

Do not have thought it would do What Kurifumu “CRIFM”?

The CRIFM, and coined the doctor Puu original acronym Clinical Research and Investigation in FetalMedicine researchers engaged in fetal medicine studies and other. Puu Dr has been the establishment of (clinical fetal medicine research)?


That’s right, to be sure, but another, there is a sense of CRIFM representing the motto of CRIFM.

The Communication C (interactive)

Relaxation R the (peace)

I (influence of each other) Interaction

The Fetus F (fetal)

Mother M is (mother)

In other words, it means to think about the most (good mutual influence and dialogue and peace and fetal mother) Communication, Relaxation and Interaction of Fetuses and Mothers.

That in the womb of the mother to wrap up gently the fetus, we will create an environment that allows you to interact with mother, to give a good effect on each other, the fetus also peace, mother feels at ease is the wish of CRIFM.

Fetus connected by umbilical cord and mother in the logo of CRIFM are alive.