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What CRIFM can do.

Fetal Dock(Detailed ultrasound scan)

Fetal Anomaly Scan
(Fetal Dock)

In 11-13th week scan, accurate NT measurements and whole body checks are performed to calculate the risk of Down syndrome and other trisomies. Major anomalies can be clearly visualized from the first trimester. In the mid-term dock (18-21 weeks), more than 30 items will be examined for congenital malformation and includes the detailed Neurosonography (Fetal Brain Dock), especially imaging cortical development of fetal brain. At the late dock (29-30 weeks), the brain development and other organs are checked.

Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS)/ Amniocentesis

CVS / Amniocentesis is a test performed to confirm the diagnosis by collecting chorionic villus tissue and amniotic fluid when a chromosomal disease or genetic disease is suspected by ultrasonography.
At CRIFM, we take all possible precautions to ensure that the tests are less risky and safer, and more than 80% of all CVSs in Japan are performed at CRIFM.
The result of trisomy come out on the same day or the next day of the procedure of CVS and Amniocentesis. In all CVS/Amniocentesis smaples, we conduct not only conventional karyotyping but also D-karyo, which is the latest exam using the latest next-generation sequencing technology for detecting the microdeletion/microduplication in all chromosomes.

Fetal brain scan(Neurosonographic imaging)

Fetal Neurosonography
(Fetal Brain Dock)

Fetal Brain Dock means detailed neurosonography of fetal brain. If brain development is delayed in the mid-term (18-20 weeks), proceed to a further brain imaging diagnosis, using ultrasound angiography and/or MRI.
Dr. Pooh is an authority on fetal brain in the world, has published books on fetal brain from overseas publishers, published more than 100 scientific papers in various medical journals.
We measures brain structures for evaluating the brain development, using transvaginal 3D sonography. Especially our recent concerns are the early diagnosis of cortical malformations, which causes neurological disorders, uncontrolable epilepsy.

NT (nuchal translucency) check

Nucal translucency (NT) and First Trimester Screening (FTS).

"NT" is the thickness of the nuchal at 11 to 13th week of pregnancy. Babies who have thicker NT than a certain standard are suspected of having Down's syndrome, other genetic abnormalities, or heart disease. NT certification issued by The FMF (London, UK) is held by many of the world's fetal specialists. Only 220 people in Japan, Dr. Pooh is the first licensee in Japan. There are four certified examiners in CRIFM.
At CRIFM, you can go to the NT specialty outpatient clinic on the same day as your first visit and have a CVS on that day. The results of the fetal dock can be reported on that day, and the confirmed Trisomy results of CVS can be reported on the next day at the earliest, so you can get peace of mind faster than anywhere else.

For moms after ART

For pregnant moms after successful IVF.

Pregnancy by IVF program has the same risks as natural pregnancy in terms of fetal congenital malformations. PGT (preimplantation genetic test) results in reduction of fetal loss in early pregnancy. However, there is a limitation in PGT. We offer Microarray test of amniotic fluid for pregnant women who have been implanted with the chromosomal mosaicism egg.

Special clinic for NIPT positive result

Form moms with NIPT positive result

At the NIPT positive outpatient department, we accepted pregnant women whose NIPT resulted in Positive. We offer fetal Dock and CVS with immediate trisomy result on the next day.



At our clinic, we perform the NIPT test.However, NIPT alone, which tests the mother's blood, is not enough to determine fetal diseases,Therefore, in accordance with our philosophy of "Fetus First," we use the "CLIFM New Prenatal Diagnostic Model" to determine if NIPT is indicated based on the results of the fetal dock.
CLIFM offers NIPT at a low cost (79,200 yen including tax).

Special clinic for Advanced maternal age

'Advanced Maternal age pregnancy' Special Outpatient Department

Pregnancy over the age of 35 is commonly referred to as "Advanced Maternal age pregnancy." With the increasing number of carrier women in recent years, older pregnancies and childbirth are not uncommon, but it is also true that older moms are more likely to conceive babies with chromosomal abnormalities than moms in their twenties. Of course, the older you get, the higher the risks. CRIFM supports moms in their 40s who are finally pregnant.
We have set up an "For women with Advanced Maternal age pregnancy" to provide detailed examinations and tests and accurate information for elderly pregnant moms.

About Prenatal Diagnosis in CRIFM


What CRIFM's Prenatal Diagnosis Tells You

What CRIFM's Prenatal Diagnosis Tells You

At CRIFM, we mainly carry out prenatal diagnosis by ultrasonography, chorionic villus sampling, and amniocentesis.

You can see the baby's brain development at the fetal dock !!

Early maternal serum marker combined test (OSCAR test)

All CVS and Amniocentesis reveal micro-chromosomal abnormalities by D-karyo test.



Ritsuko Kimata Pooh, M.D., M.Sc., PhD, LL.B., MBA.
Current Position

  • President, Fetal Diagnostic Center, Fetal Brain Center, CRIFM Prenatal Medical Clinic PMC, Osaka, Japan
  • Adjunct Professor, Wayne State University School of medicine, Detroit, USA
  • Honorary Professor, Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University, Moscow, Russia
  • Professor, Department of Health Science, Dubrovnik International University, Dubrovnik, Croatia
  • CEO, Ritz Medical Co.,Ltd. Osaka, Japan

Ritsuko Kimata Pooh was born in Osaka, Japan. She graduated from Law Department of Keio University, Tokyo, and thereafter graduated from Medical School of Tokushima University with social, legal and ethical viewpoints. She recently graduated from master of science, Chinese University HongKong from her interest in medical genetics.After her graduation from Medical school in 1990, she has dedicated her most of time to clinical research and investigation on small embryos/fetuses and fetal brain in perinatology. Especially, she has introduced the most sophisticated fetal neuroimaging from 1996 by using transvaginal sonography, three dimensional ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging. She established CRIFM Prenatal Medical Clinic in Osaka in 2006, which is leading a field of prenatal diagnosis internationally as well as in Japan. Her sonogram of fetal brain morphology and vascularity is really scientific as well as artistic and they have been displayed at NIH Perinatal Research Branch in Detroit, USA. Especially her recent study of medullary vein development and malformation of cortical development of fetal brain are worthy of note, and she received the Alfred Alfred Kratochwil Award in ISUOG (International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology) congress in 2011, Lifetime achievement award in WCPM (World Congress in Perinatal Medicine) in 2015, and Sir William Liley medal in International Congress on Fetus as a Patient in 2016. Her remarkable research on fetal brain has been internationally approved by perinatologists as well as neurologists and neurosurgeons. She published more than 83 original scientific papers 90 review articles and 4 books; An Atlas of Fetal Central Nervous System, Diagnosis and Management in 2003, Fetal Neurology in 2009, Atlas of Advanced Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology in 2015. Her early detection of fetal abnormalities in ‘Sonoembryology’ is really art of science in the uterus. Furthermore, she has been establishing a new field of ‘Sonogenetics’ and ‘Neurosonogenetics’, combining detailed sonogram with cytogenetics and molecular genetics from 2009 and performing quite a number of invasive genetic procedures including more than 1,300s CVS and 200 amniocenteses per year. She established the clinical genetic laboratory (Ritz Medical Co., Ltd.) after her first name on the upper floor of the same building for performing genetic examination more smoothly. Although Ritz lab. contributes to clinical researches on NIPT (noninvasive prenatal genetic testing) and PGT (preimplantation genetic testing), she has emphasized the importance of observing fetuses in utero and ‘fetus first!’ as her sonogenetical motto. She has been a truly one of the international executives in research as well as education in a field of perinatology. Her lectures are easily comprehensive for experts as well as beginners with beautiful slides and fluent English.

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Cost of testing

Prenatal diagnosis is not defined as medical treatment performed prior to treatment of pregnant women and foets, and at this time, all costs are to be borne by the patient because of free medical treatment that is not covered by insurance. In addition, medical expense deductions are also excluded.

Examination Period Target Price
Fetal Dock 1st Trimester:11-13weeks
2nd Trimester:18-21weeks
3rd Trimester:29-30weeks
Fetal Anomaly Screening
*The contents and test results vary greatly from one medical facility to another.
Basic fee
41,800 yen (tax included)
Additional fee(Detailed inspection)
- 44,000 yen (tax included)
NIPT 11weeks~ 21・18・13Trisomy 79,200 yen (tax included)
OSCAR 11-13weeks 21・18・13Trisomy 27,500 yen (tax included)
Quattro test 16~20weeks 21・18・13Trisomy ※Not available at CRIFM
CVS 11 -13weeks
(14-17weeks is also possible)
Chromosomal abnormalities
218,900 yen (tax included)
*DNA extraction fee 16,500 yen (tax included)
Amniocentesis 16weeks~ Chromosomal abnormalities
185,900 yen (tax included)
*DNA extraction fee 16,500 yen (tax included)


Matsushita BDG 3F, 1-24, Uehommachi 7, Tennoji, Osaka #543-0001, JAPAN
Tel +81-6-6775-8111

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