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About CRIFM Prenatal Medical Clinic

CRIFM Prenatal Medical Clinic was established in Marugame, Kagawa Prefecture in 2006 as a specialized fetal medicine institute, and moved to Osaka in November 2007 to open with our elite staff. CRIFM aims to provide not only the most accurate information on the fetus possible using ultrasound equipment, but also medical care that puts the mother and father first, including psychological follow-up for the family and advice on postnatal treatment plans. *For more information, click here.

What is a prenatal diagnosis clinic?

Many people think that prenatal diagnosis is as if it is a diagnosis of Down's syndrome, but this is not the case.

It is to diagnose whether the baby has any diseases before birth, and among all congenital diseases, Down syndrome is only one fifth. Even if we diagnose every single genetic abnormality other than Down syndrome, such as chromosomal abnormalities, microchromosomal abnormalities, and genetic mutations, it is still half of all congenital diseases.

There are more than a hundred kinds of diseases in babies, including diseases of the brain, heart, lungs, kidneys, intestines, face, limbs, diseases caused by viral infections, and genetic diseases in which genetic mutations are transmitted from both parents. These are diagnosed by prenatal diagnosis clinics.

The primary purpose of prenatal diagnosis is to make sure that the baby is healthy and free of diseases.

If there is a disease, we will make as accurate a diagnosis as possible, and provide prenatal counseling with a pediatric specialist to discuss whether the baby can really do well.

At the prenatal clinic, we will perform precise ultrasound examinations, CVS, Amniocentesis to check for chromosomal abnormalities and genetic mutations, and other tests to check for diseases. Of course, the extent of the genetic testing will depend on the results of the ultrasound.

CRIFM was the first clinic in Japan to specialize in prenatal diagnosis, and in the 15 years since then, we have treated more than 35,000 mothers and 40,000 fetuses by focusing solely on prenatal diagnosis without compromising our beliefs or wavering.

Recently, microchromosome abnormalities can be detected by ordinary CVS and Amniocentesis, and Fetal brain dock can predict cortical developmental abnormalities at 18-20 weeks of pregnancy.

Prenatal diagnosis is not a one-sided process. At CRIFM, we will take the time to address and solve this "family issue" together.

Thoroughly implement measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19

CRIFM is working to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by

  • Thorough disinfection of the hospital premises
  • Temperature check and medical interview in the triage room
  • Thorough use of two-handed gloves for each operation
  • Installation of special acrylic panels in all rooms
  • Thorough disinfection of equipment by introducing high level sterilization equipment
  • Disinfection and individualization of ultrasound jelly for each patient
  • Test results can be obtained at home through ZOOM counseling
  • COVID-19 antigen test (only for patients with high suspicion of infection or those who wish to have it)

In order to ensure that our patients can come to our clinic with peace of mind, we have put the safety of our patients first and foremost in our minds.

Countermeasures for COVID-19

Greetings from Dr. Pooh

Greetings from Dr. Pooh

On behalf of the members of CRIFM, I would like to address all moms, dads, and anyone else who is interested in the CRIFM world.

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Our Doctors

Our Doctors

CRIFM's doctors specialize in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Genetic Counseling, and Pediatrics.

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Our Staff

Our Staff

CRIFM is proud to have a small and elite staff. Doctors who come to CRIFM for training are amazed at how a small group of people can provide medical care that can only be found here in Japan.

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Appointment / Access

Booking, Access

5 minutes walk from Osaka-Uehonmachi Station on the Kintetsu Line. There is also a limousine bus service to Uehonmachi Station from Kansai and Itami Airports, which attracts many people from within and outside of the prefecture.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

At CRIFM, we answer the questions and concerns of our patients in order to make them feel at ease during their treatment.

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Words of Encouragement from CRIFM

Words from Professor Kazuo Maeda

Professor Emeritus, Tottori University

I am very pleased to see the birth of the CRIFM (Clinical Research Institute of Fetal Medicine) Prenatal Medical Clinic, which focuses on prenatal care. First of all, a big "congratulations" to Dr. Ritsuko Pooh for creating a facility that will be of great assistance to women in Japan. This conglomerate is not only dedicated to clinical care, but CRIFM will have an irresistible appeal to researchers who want to master clinical fetal ultrasound, especially the latest 3D-4D technology, and to physicians who are interested in prenatal fetal diagnosis, especially central nervous system ultrasound.

Ritsuko Pooh was appointed by the Director of the International Chair of Ultrasonics at the International Institute of Ultrasonics, Japan. The CRIFM Pooh Clinic has a great future ahead of it.

Words from Dr. Frank A Chervenak (New York, USA)

Chair, Obstetrics & Gynecology Lenox Hill Hospital
Chair, Obstetrics & Gynecology Associate Dean for International Medicine, Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/ Northwell
President, Fetus as a Patient, International Society for Fetal Diseases

One of the greatest contributions to modern obstetrics has been the use of ultrasound technology, which is second to none. This modality has transformed obstetric care from an era of darkness in the womb to an era in which the fetus is truly a patient. This amazing success is truly the result of an international collaboration of world leaders in clinical research. And Dr. Pooh is one of those world leaders, and an invaluable part of that international synergy. Dr. Pooh is still young, but she has earned the respect and admiration of the world for her contributions and deep insights using her great talent.

The CRIFM is not only beautiful but also functional, and patients who come to the CRIFM will be treated with care and dedication using the world's best technology. CRIFM patients receive the highest level of technology, care and dedication in the world.

The opening of CRIFM is a truly beautiful moment for mothers in Japan and around the world, and for their unborn babies as patients, and doctors around the world are delighted that Dr. Pooh is opening CRIFM.

Words from Prof. A. Kurjak

International Director, International Ultrasound Department

It is my great pleasure to announce the opening of a very attractive fetal diagnostic center led by the talented Dr. Pooh.

Dr. Pooh is an outstanding fetal ultrasound guru and a brilliant scientist who is highly respected internationally. He is an outstanding scientist and a leading expert in fetal ultrasound. As an invited speaker at many prominent international conferences, Dr. Pooh is a doctor who speaks from the highest level of clinical practice.

Dr. Pooh is a warm personality and highly intelligent, truly patient and dedicated doctor. Patients can be sure that they will immediately recognize the high quality of her practice.

You will also see her excellent papers on early human development and other topics at international scientific meetings. Within the international organization of the Ian Donald Chair of Ultrasound, the CRIFM Institute of Clinical Fetal Medicine is already well accepted as a world class training center. I am proud of CRIFM, where visitors can experience reliable medical care and compassionate kindness, and enthusiastic cheers to Dr. Pooh for establishing this state-of-the-art educational facility.

A word from Dr. Shi-Joon YOO

Professor of Medical Imaging, University of Toronto, Department of Diagnostic Imaging, Toronto Children's Hospital

I am very surprised and very impressed with your web site. I am also very impressed with the website. I would like to express my heartfelt encouragement for the opening of your own clinical fetal medicine laboratory and clinic. I am proud to have been friends with Dr. Pooh for many years and I have no doubt that his enterprise has a promising future and will be of great value. Congratulations.